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Monthly Archives: February 2020


By Kolawole Oludamilare Rafiki, through a friendship that transcends prejudice, explores a most contentious discourse within the African society. At the height of critical expressions, revolutionary thoughts and liberal claims, many seemingly advancing African societies are still naïve and afraid or blindly adamant to accepting

Memory Also Die

By Didi Cheeka Layered with text – of a personal nature -Memory Also Die takes as its point of departure the old idea that the personal is political–in the sense that collective forgetting is a politicially-sponsored act.  The 70s – the post-Biafra-war era – was

The Utopia of a New Country

Review of the film, A Memory in Three Acts. By Kolawole Oludamilare The documentary film A Memory in Three Acts is a brutal picture of memories; times and events of Mozambique’s colonial era and struggle for liberation. Directed by the Mozambican director and cinematographer, Inadelso